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Prompt Mixer is a collaborative workspace that enables managers, engineers, and data experts to jointly develop AI features. With Prompt Mixer, you can create prompt chains, version them, test them across different models, and connect to external AI models or service APIs.

The key capabilities and benefits of Prompt Mixer include:

  • Collaboration - Prompt Mixer makes it easy for cross-functional teams to ideate, design, and iterate on prompts together in one place. Team members can comment on prompts, track changes, assign reviews, and more.

  • Prompt Chaining - Easily build chains of prompts that pass information from one to the next. Chain simple or complex prompts to create intricate conversations and flows.

  • Version Control - Every change to prompts and chains are tracked and versioned, enabling you to experiment freely and roll back when needed.

  • Testing & Validation - Get insight into how prompts will perform across the latest AI models. Continuously test and validate prompts before putting them into production.

  • Extensibility - Bring in your own custom AI models and leverage external APIs as part of a prompt chain. Prompt Mixer provides connectors to extend prompting capabilities.